Valentine’s Game Guide

The day of love is upon us. Finding the perfect words to either sweep or re-sweep that special someone off their feet is often more of a daunting task than finding the perfect candies or stuffed bear. Ladies love words! Don’t debate this ladies. We know actions are a mutha, but the constant desire to just hear the words “I love you” is evident enough. Since words aren’t necessarily a strong suit for many, I’ve supplied you with a guide. Simply ask yourself the following question and choose which one fits your situation.

For the more established love and relationship:



If it must rain, let it be the kind of summer…
When the heavens quench the thirst of the Earth…
Light showers while the sun yet shines…
followed by a rainbow to repaint the black and white skies like the tvs of old.



For the intermediate love (Y’all go together. Currently out of honeymoon glow and moving towards building together):

Typical R&B

Typical R&B

It’s hard to comprehend…put my finger on…
Someone so real, remarkable, fresh air so breathtaking
Make me put aside all selfishness, pride, and boasts…
You da troof though…



For the new love (Still unexplainable):

Just Flows

Just Flows

When we’re together it’s Florida hoops; heat & magic….so attracted
Hopeless romantics, all giggles and antics…
Sharing videos and photos and conversations with no doses…



Or maybe you want to reveal a crush:

Lover’s Flu


Seeing her makes me sick in the best way
Seeing her leave hurts but umph! the way she walks away
Sweats form from fever
Temperature rises when I see her


Give me credit. I’m only here to help.

Don’t forget, eztaughu!
© 2012 

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