“You Just Like Yo Damn Daddy!”

Anybody who has/had a father, present or absent, has heard these words before. Usually, it’s at that precise moment that you have done something that has just gotten under your mother’s skin. In my case it would have been after a display of impatience, stubbornness, or just macho as hell.

On today, I’d like to put a spin on things however. I’m thinking of all the positive things that my mom can look at me and say, “You just like yo’ damn daddy!”.

My dad taught me how to survive as a man. For as long as I could earn my way, I have. When I was 10 or 12, instead of him giving me $20, he showed me how to come work with him to EARN $50. “Mr. How-to” always had me on his heels trying to do just as he did. Why? Because right or wrong, that’s what sons do; they naturally gravitate to the examples that their fathers display.

If and when I should have my own seeds, I pray that I’m everything that he has been. He recently shared with me “I was scared as hell when you were born…but I was determined that you wouldn’t be on the corner like your uncle.” Well pops, you did it. I’m just like my damn daddy!

Happy Father’s Day



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