God Picked Cotton Too

Aggrandized magnified
spread sporadically across soft white and tinted blue skies
posing perfectly still in middle of air
nothing holding you up
nothing holding you down

Just there

sculptured pieces of art
crafted by hands of those who now live above

Hovering unattached



too much harm from the sun.
centrally located below life and above death
he gives her rest


her contemplation
deducing her anticipation
his control frees her oppression inducing her equanimity

Knowing she will someday create her own sculpture

of these clouds she sees

L’ighly Spoken

© 2013 ezspits.com

The Punishment Light

at the intersection of
Meeting at the corner of shame and regret.
Serving its purpose
demanding a moment of
from the busy life of
satisfying others
The silence I knowingly avoid
births a moment of reflection
in the mirror hanging down from above.
No cars,
no pedestrians,
no instructions,
on where to turn.
Detached from gratification
Abandoned from convenience
Relinquished from complacency
I am forced to confront self-disgust
Penetrating my bottomless disappointment.
Searching for signs of guidance.
In the aesthetics of time
the light finds me.
Once RED
The cue that induces mental tranquility
Relieved from my secluded reality.
I continue the endless path
no more intersections,
without any merging roads.
No right turns no wrong turns.
Springs newly approaching grass guiding my sides
Leaving all self doubts and uncertainty at the light.
~ L’ightly Spoken

Developing Story: Word Wednesday Infiltrated

Nearly a year ago, ezspits.com dubbed the hump day of our gruesome workweek, Word Wednesday. A five minute escape from paper shuffling to open your mind to the deeper issues and meanings of life, I put my personal thoughts to meter in hopes that it touched just one person’s day in a positive manner. Word Wednesday, via social media has been blessed with loyal followers that I continue to do it for.
Proudly, I announce the Secret Spittas Edition of Word Wednesday! Secret Spttas will be features by blossoming writers that I’ve interacted with. They’ve been encouraged to open up their composition books to us. Show them love; give them your canvas.

Introducing, withThe Punishement Light

© 2012 ezspits.com