God Picked Cotton Too

Aggrandized magnified spread sporadically across soft white and tinted blue skies posing perfectly still in middle of air nothing holding you up nothing holding you down Just there sculptured pieces of art crafted by hands of those who now live above Hovering unattached Intervening Filtering too much harm from the sun. centrally located below life … Continue reading God Picked Cotton Too


The Punishment Light

Lies at the intersection of UNFORGETFUL PAST & WHAT IF's Meeting at the corner of shame and regret. Serving its purpose demanding a moment of silence from the busy life of satisfying others The silence I knowingly avoid births a moment of reflection in the mirror hanging down from above. No cars, no pedestrians, no … Continue reading The Punishment Light

Developing Story: Word Wednesday Infiltrated

Nearly a year ago, ezspits.com dubbed the hump day of our gruesome workweek, Word Wednesday. A five minute escape from paper shuffling to open your mind to the deeper issues and meanings of life, I put my personal thoughts to meter in hopes that it touched just one person's day in a positive manner. Word … Continue reading Developing Story: Word Wednesday Infiltrated