Unsung Monday [Mystery Of Iniquity x Lauryn Hill]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqMG1JcR1Rg&list=RDAqMG1JcR1Rg#t=34 Song: Mystery Of Iniquity Artist: Lauryn Hill Album: Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged Rap Genius: The Mystery Of Iniquity Lauryn Hill's MTV Unplugged has been both heavily loved and heavily scrutinized. I have always found myself on the former side of the fence. My love of Ms. Lauryn Hill grew after hearing the sensitized lyrics … Continue reading Unsung Monday [Mystery Of Iniquity x Lauryn Hill]


UnSung Monday [The Healer – Erykah Badu]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XykIswFgLpU&feature=kp Song: The Healer Artist: Erykah Badu Album: New Amerykah Notable Single: Honey Rap Genius: The Healer The Healer is a great one from Ms. Badu. Of course, she can't do much wrong in my book. Many say hip-hop is dead or over saturated with nonsensical 'flows' with good or repeat production. Badu asserts that … Continue reading UnSung Monday [The Healer – Erykah Badu]

UnSung Monday [Meet The Parents – Jay-Z]

http://youtu.be/TiytIrZWZd4 Title: Meet The Parents Artist: Jay-Z Album: Blueprint 2: Gift & The Curse Year: 2002 RapGenius: Meet The Parents x Jay-Z This song tells the harsh reality of society in urban America. The story verbally depicts a father killing the son he never knew. Metaphorically, when we fail to reach and teach our young, … Continue reading UnSung Monday [Meet The Parents – Jay-Z]

[Video] Fan’s Eye Compilation Life Is Good Tour

Video Credits: B. Easley This is a compilation of a few of the songs performed by Nas at the Life Is Good Tour Atlanta. As a long-time fan of the wordsmith, I was stoked about seeing him perform live alongside the incomparable Lauryn Hill! Almost twenty years in the game and still strong, the 'Nasty … Continue reading [Video] Fan’s Eye Compilation Life Is Good Tour

Hot Music Moment – “The Return”

This joint is like the perfect mix of smooth, upbeat pop and hip-hop classicism! From the live musicians to the black and white montage, the marriage of catchy swing and urban depth personified classically and tastefully consumated Justin Timberlake's return. And HOV definitely stamped this with this lyrical seal. By the way, Jigga drank out … Continue reading Hot Music Moment – “The Return”