“Ez’splains” – (Basement Pavement)

I decided to start decoding posts to engage current readers and to reveal to some. This is a blog right? Talk to me chu’ch! I will ‘rap genius’ previous posts after everyone has a chance to read a few times.

Take a second to read if you haven’t: “Basement Pavement”


‘Basement Pavement’…I often wonder the state of mind readers enter into and leave the posts. This piece seeks to paint the picture of a basement. Not the crushed out male sanctum we all dream of one day. Although today we think of the basement as an escape, historically it is a symbol of entrapment. So, in reading the description of this particular basement, you will clearly see which type of basement it is–escape or entrapment. The pavement denotes the lowest point. Since the basement is already the lowest point of the house, the pavement is the lowest of the low.

By now, you probably have guessed it. The basement, escape or entrapment, is the mind. The line: “The present dialogue is silent monological pause” is where it becomes clear.

“The present dialog” = A conversation between two
“Is silent monological pause” = a hush comes over as you notice you are both the conversationalists.

We are in charge of our thoughts and our thoughts make our outlook. Take care.