Relaxed Fit

The heart Poorly dressed It wears not the latest threads It's hair in dreads It's beard ungroomed... The jeans it wears are torn It's bomber jacket worn The kicks it rocks, recycled boots Its favorite tee hangs a little loose It's favorite brim slightly sullied about the rim It's go to watch has seen better … Continue reading Relaxed Fit


High Tide

When the sun recedes... The light it once gave fades Only to return like it never left... Because the skies decided to slip into something a little sexier -- Something black and strapless Sheer, it shimmered against the skin of the universe The stars It's touch feels cooler, For the time shared, It bared all … Continue reading High Tide


Sam speaks of ghosts But we still feel the pulse White fear is crowned Taxing its public Removing action from its Subjects Thus Black boys to men Incorrectly sentenced To death Judge, Jury, & Defendants Carry the execution Blindfolded Bitch Can’t see the blood On her hands Justice says red is the only Hue that … Continue reading GHOSTS


Wonder how long Mary carried Jesus. Virgin pure Unexplored, uncharted Unfit, unexposed Unwarranted, Unexplained Undeniable. "Virgin Mary", Said the Angel "You WILL conceive! Don't try to conceptualize, Rationalize, strategize, improvise, Institutionalize... I'm just here to prophesy." Now young Mary within herself Trying to explain her seed, Her very meaning To those who could never understand or … Continue reading Gabriel

“Ez’splains” – (Basement Pavement)

I decided to start decoding posts to engage current readers and to reveal to some. This is a blog right? Talk to me chu'ch! I will 'rap genius' previous posts after everyone has a chance to read a few times. Take a second to read if you haven't: "Basement Pavement" 'Basement Pavement'...I often wonder the … Continue reading “Ez’splains” – (Basement Pavement)

Basement Pavement

Never escaping Stuck in the basement Cold pavement, damp Cobwebs, an empty pipe drips Room enough to turn flips Alone in a corner sits, Stares at basket of dirty laundry Hampered, overfilled Stairs leading to a locked door Ceiling envies the cold floor. The present dialogue is a silent monological pause The deaf ears of … Continue reading Basement Pavement

Basic Black

Facial features pronounced Nose and lips thicker no doubt From outside looking out Proud wave patterns Mimicking rings of Saturn Knotted or napped tapered and lined With precision seen peeking thru backwards caps Locks on broad shoulders Genetically engineered landing gear Built tough brothers SOULjas Watch the way you enter the room Watch the attention … Continue reading Basic Black