Sam speaks of ghosts But we still feel the pulse White fear is crowned Taxing its public Removing action from its Subjects Thus Black boys to men Incorrectly sentenced To death Judge, Jury, & Defendants Carry the execution Blindfolded Bitch Can’t see the blood On her hands Justice says red is the only Hue that … Continue reading GHOSTS


Basic Black

Facial features pronounced Nose and lips thicker no doubt From outside looking out Proud wave patterns Mimicking rings of Saturn Knotted or napped tapered and lined With precision seen peeking thru backwards caps Locks on broad shoulders Genetically engineered landing gear Built tough brothers SOULjas Watch the way you enter the room Watch the attention … Continue reading Basic Black


...her wishes were his missions Especially the cravings And I can't swear you were never misbehaving... Or you never ever hurt her That you never neglected us I couldn't hang my hat on the fact that We'd go fishing next Saturday Or I'd get that slab laid where the grass laid and shoot ball till … Continue reading P.H.A.T.H.E.R.


Selling her dreams Treating her, wining and dining, giving her the finer things Knowing damn well she ain't getting a ring Not from you anyway cuz 2 or 3 Gs ain't bad until you're buying 23. Truth is, our sowing is your hoeing So Double cup the double standards...drink up He's choosing hoes, clothes, money, … Continue reading Murder-Suicide

[Video] Fan’s Eye Compilation Life Is Good Tour

Video Credits: B. Easley This is a compilation of a few of the songs performed by Nas at the Life Is Good Tour Atlanta. As a long-time fan of the wordsmith, I was stoked about seeing him perform live alongside the incomparable Lauryn Hill! Almost twenty years in the game and still strong, the 'Nasty … Continue reading [Video] Fan’s Eye Compilation Life Is Good Tour


A woman with enough beauty for a deaf man and enough substance for a blind man. #senselessbeauty Fake hair. Fake nails. Fake boobs. Fake ass. Fake personality. Fake happiness. Love you for you? I sense less beauty. Untouchable beauty, can't put my finger upon... Beauty unspeakable, breathtaking is she... One million mirror pics barely covering … Continue reading #SenselessBeauty

Just Flows…

When we're together it's Florida hoops; heat & attracted Hopeless romantics, all giggles and antics... Sharing videos and photos and conversations with no doses... And... Inexplicable like a rose through concrete growing it's.... Against all odds and normalities Amazing how time flies it's aircraftsy The passions & pleasures beyond measurability Feelings fueled like octanities... … Continue reading Just Flows…