…her wishes were his missions

Especially the cravings
And I can’t swear you were never misbehaving…
Or you never ever hurt her
That you never neglected us
I couldn’t hang my hat on the fact that
We’d go fishing next Saturday
Or I’d get that slab laid where the grass laid and shoot ball till the sky fade…
I can’t say that our late night talks ever existed or my forehead you ever kissed
Neither can I plead that you’ve done all the things I’d ever wished…

“And I promise here comes the BUT So you know I’m not dissing”

For every thing not done and every minute not spent, I never worried about the rent.
I never went to bed hungry unless I was sick
And the lights always responded to the switch.
I never roamed the streets aimlessly
Following the wrong kids
And when the wrong kids stole my bike
You bought another and I ended up with two and showed that dude who his father shoulda been.
I didn’t think twice about being a kid cuz I had a man handling all the man shit
But made sure if anything ever happened to you that Moma wouldn’t notice the difference.
Age 7, cutting the grass
Age 10, work on the weekends
Sixteen, my first W-2s
And that late ’98 Honda Civic
At 17, that night I’ll probably never forget…
The day that I knew I’d never take another whooping
Quick in a foot race and double on the strength
That day I won the race but I think you took my keys again
At 18, you knew I’d leave.
158,000 hrs spent in the studio
Making Boys to Men
Laid the track and didn’t look back except to laugh
Gotta give it up for you Dad
The reason I know sports & life
Money and strife
Failure will come but how to respond
Horses will buck but just get back up
Paternity Honored And Trusted, Heavenly Expressed Rearing
Respected, Feared, and Revered

The reason I won’t let single mothers down all the brothers…

© 2013 ezspits.com

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