As a kid, I loved art and music. When it came to library visits, I was looking for the Lee J. Ames How To Draw 50 [insert anything here] . And although my report card reflected As in all subjects frequently, give me a math problem over literature any day! With art and music being the measure of self-expression, as a young adult, I found myself non-gifted at this. Life is the great irony… is not what I meant!

I found that our twenties teach us just how much we don’t know about ourselves and the world in general. Tough times reveal true character. A forced osmosis was taking place. Suddenly, the words I could never say with my lips, were flowing through my finger tips. When I began to listen to my inner being, I started jotting those thoughts down…well more like typing them into my iPhone 3GS. That was 2009 or 2010. The more I wrote, the greater the need to express. I decided to start a blog just to speak my opinionated mind on random topics in sports and music. By the summer of 2011, writing only when I had the desire, I was starting to develop an iCatalog of material. After sharing a few generalized topics (which are still posted), I gained enough guts to share “Puppy Love”. I got a lot of feedback and chatter. Either I had really nice friends who didn’t want to tear me down or I wasn’t half bad. Raw, but not bad. Over time, more and more people read and I continued to supply my opinionated, debatable thoughts on love, relationships, race, family, social issues, etc. Jessica Simien featured on her site ( in October 2012 for Mississippi Month (Read here). It highlighted business people and artist from the home state. Honored to this day…


Word Wednesday was born in 2012, also. Humpday messages became a slight hit (in my world) via Twitter. Readers often found a few minutes to read and respond. L’ightly Spoken, my secret spitta was introduced to the community. She, like myself, started writing to address her expression issues and was willing to step out. It was a greater honor for me to be her outlet. Her spotlights, “The Punishment Light” and “God Picked Cotton Too” were well received. Hopefully more of the same will pour from this vessel and I hope it continues to reach only if the reach is a couple.


Opinionated. Debatable.
Subtract Self. +Add God. xWatch Yourself Multiply. /Divide to the Masses.


9 thoughts on “How It All Got Started

  1. I had no klue ezspits existed. Kongrats on the site B!… Now I can see there is kulturally aware and informative site on the web that keeps up with a diverse and proactive generation such as ours, and yet maintains the integrity of an educated people. You have my full support NUPE!

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