Puppy Love

I wrote this as one of my 1st controversial pieces. It addresses an issue that we see in our communities. Our beautiful Black queens reduce themselves to bad bitches daily: the latest items…shoes, clothes, and bags. Women find it easier to lay down for what they want rather than standing for what they deserve. I call it “Puppy Love”. Get it? Dogs attract bitches… Follow me through this one…


Like the breath that keeps you going
A bitch in heat will keep you moanin
Toes curled by a crazy world
Crazy world make us forget it’s a Lil girl
Lil girl’s inside trying her best to hide
Hide the bitch’s feelings cuz the bitch’ll break down and cry.
Cry tears of joy to hide the ones of pain
Pane windows of life tinted cuz that bitch can’t stand the rain
Rain feels like hell but of brimstone not the pebble type
Pebble type stones she rocking but don’t believe the hype
Hype in the limelight but the bitch wishes the rain would fall
Cuz what you don’t know is for true love, the bitch would give it all…

The bitch is strong. The bitch says she’s independent
But the bitch wants yo wallet and every credit card that’s in it
You buy her shit to fake how much she’s worth to you
The bitch don’t understand she’s just a daytime prostitute.
She keeps her self-esteem cuz she hookin’ for material things
Purses, clothes, and weave but never for the wedding ring
And what the bitch forgets is hookin’ is a business
And da man will replace her quicker than the cash she’s spending
And remember with miles come trials and you can’t simply change the oil
Once the bitch go bad, that bitch is spoiled.

On 7.13.10, ezspat…


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