The Repass

Like? Love? Something like it? Commitment issues? Anger? Pain? Resentment? Love don’t live here anymore…

Personal relationship assassin
Killing any buzz from potential love…
Ignorantly abusing hearts…simple assault
Treating love like a thief, I lock the deadbolts,
Shotgun behind the door, and ask “Who is it?” while staring thru the peephole.
Shoot love on the front step and drag it inside.
That way it’s self defense not homicide.
That’s the days of old…
Now if I shoot it dead in the grass it’ll
Be cool cuz I’m protecting my castle.
Sniper’s rifle from 200 feet; we don’t even have to meet.
Now lifeless is love after gasping for breath.
I watched it die. No CPR. No chest compress.
I stood by and dressed in black as if I cared a bit
Dropped a flower, shed a tear and even kissed the casket
Watched love roll away in the Hearst, covered by dirt…ashes to ashes
Waiting for love but don’t care if it passes…

On 6.13.11, ezspat!


4 thoughts on “The Repass

  1. Wow, wants love but kills it because its hard to come by. Good choice of words. Im appalled at the thought that you could be so cruel, but I think it’s a good poem.

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