Love: No Chaser

Hearts burn..

…the blind seek to find
Time moves and waits for no man.
Undesired fool of time but we wait for romance.
Grabbing hold to any flicker that makes the ticker speed up;
With a short dress and nice breasts, beware of the flame though
Sweats on your forehead bead up; and thoughts of beating it up;
However, slow…only in time
Either forward or rewind
Will we find the heart’s wine
And quench it’s thirst.
Until the clock strikes 12 on the clock of love,
Staying true to Jimmy becomes our main concern
But the wrong choice makes more than the heart burn…

Rose petal wishes, champagne screams
Searching for love in foreign beds
Satin sheets against silky skin
Feelin’ like sin yet allowed in.
Now sidetracked by pleasure; ecstacy beyond measure
Feelin it in your bones,
Your toes curl…you moan
Pleasures’ postitute but for love, destitute.

And still searching for love
But it’s even further from grasp
Playing a heads and tails game
Love vs love and Love’s the advocate
When the candles are out and the wine’s all gone,
When the sun touches the dew
Where are you???

© 2013

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