Selling her dreams
Treating her, wining and dining, giving her the finer things
Knowing damn well she ain’t getting a ring
Not from you anyway cuz 2 or 3 Gs ain’t bad until you’re buying 23.
Truth is, our sowing is your hoeing
So Double cup the double standards…drink up
He’s choosing hoes, clothes, money, and rap careers,
Four baby Momma’s with 4 kids…
We’ll at least we know 4 is his.
“Just not built for the family life”
Murder suicide

The twenty-first century’s civil rights equivalent commands attention
Much more acceptant we are than past generations
I get it don’t tell you who & how to love and what department to shop in.
But one second…
And yes, perhaps the government administers it
But from our women to closet relationships,
Scorned cuz you never thought it could be him
Withdrawn from life with one to live, double sentenced
Murder suicide

“It’s how I was raised,
Worked for me I ain’t turn out that bad
I’m my child’s mom and dad
He’ll see his kids when I see fit
Don’t care for that new woman he with
Fairy tale family outing snapping pix”
Family feuding…spewing hatred amongst young ears
Repetitious, degenerative soliloquies
The degradation of paternal value over the years
Even when you’re thru crying your baby’s still shedding tears
Daddy could be by his side…
Murder suicide

The selfish, perverse, powerless power of ending it all intrigues the coward’s empty thoughts
Sealing someone else’s fate while his falls apart
Seeing the sweat beads, tears fill the wells, begging them for mercy…
The Big Percy…
The one person they had in the palm of their hands is now departed
For seconds, life is back to shards
Heavy hearted, he disregards his own life…

What if murder suicide happened in rewind?

© 2012

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