A woman with enough beauty for a deaf man and enough substance for a blind man. #senselessbeauty

Fake hair. Fake nails. Fake boobs. Fake ass. Fake personality. Fake
happiness. Love you for you? I sense less beauty.

Untouchable beauty, can’t put my finger upon… Beauty unspeakable,
breathtaking is she…
One million mirror pics barely covering her ass and supple tits yes
Her Instagram stirs the thirst of all that see. Double tap after
double tap, yes double tapped that ass will be. Follow requests quench
her thirst and now temporarily pleased since less beauty she sees.

That Juicy Couture, body splash, smell good to me and even the
sweetest fragrance of all between her knees…
But in my heart, I sense less beauty.

I Seek: That kind and gentle spiritual seed..Perhaps likened to the
sweetest flower known to any nose. Secreted scents exceeding that of
any rose. Now weak, I self-compose #senselessbeauty

Sweet she’s gotta be. The fruit is good but unrevealed. That sex
appeal concealed. Tastefully still, she insist a will to know her
inwardly before intimately. #senselessbeauty out to kill

Since deficiency in one grants another proficiency,
The deafening scent of untouchably, tasteful beauty.
The ability to please omnisciently, abundantly;
I decree thee #senselessbeauty

2011 rev. 2013

© 2012 ezspits.com

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