Steve Harvey’s 56th Birthday Surprise

To whom do you attribute your success? Seemingly, now more than ever, we refer to ourselves after we’ve made it as ‘Self-Made’.


Yes we have to get up and get it for ourselves but let’s be real. There is no better way to take a steaming poo on those that support you and your dream or mission. No matter how powerful or highly touted we become, there is always someone behind us that struck the match that lit the fire within us. There was someone who took the hit while you made yours…Someone who saw in you what you couldn’t quite see.

Take a look at Steve Harvey’s 56th Birthday Surprise.

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Motivation comes from within; inspiration from without.

Remember, eztaughtu!


One thought on “Steve Harvey’s 56th Birthday Surprise

  1. I heard about this on the radio and was wishing I could’ve seen it. Thank you for posting it! I found myself tearing up!

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