Lover’s Flu

Seeing her makes me sick in the best way
Seeing her leave hurts but umph! the way she walks away
Sweats form from fever
Temperature rises when I see her
Head aches too but only from my zipper
Nausea is merely butterflies
If it sounds like the flu, I’m still flying
High in the clouds
The fall is far but I don’t fear dying
Tylenol won’t help at all
Two Aleve don’t help the swell
Bayer and Motrin are not the potion
Theres no hope for this Love spell

A desire to fan this fire I can tell
Her eyes lend a dose of hope
It never fails
Everyday I think of her
Will this be my last day without her?
Terminally ill; love cancer?
Infection spreads from my heart
To my body’s every part
Thoughts of her overtake my brain
Suggestion, chemo
But I beg refrain
Cuz, having this feeling inside me feels good in the worst way
Here beside me my day sweetens…red kool-aid
Kisses are electrolytes for my hydration
Chicken noodle soup smile warms my soul…in my mind, summer vacation

On nine.four.ten, ezspat!

© 2012

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