“Inferiority” Complex

I’m young, gifted and most annoyingly black
Should be happy I just don’t have to sit in the back, huh?
Let’s think back to why it is this way…
See you tried to break me when my people were slaves
Back on the plantation we did all your chores
Now I can live in main houses greater than yours
Minding the pastures and tilling the fields
Strong backs with stronger wills.
See you kept us from books cuz you knew the strength we had
Defeat the mind; Conquer the ass.
If you detect attitude, damn right I’m mad
But I’m good
I know you call me nigga under your breath
Loathing the way my ‘lazy’ ass passes your tests
Especially in institutions surviving off less
On the field of play, entertaining yes
But also entering your schools off more than a sports scholarship
Cuz moral of the story is simply this
What you couldn’t see while you were slapping me is I was making my fists
Fists not of knuckles but of knowledge
Now you mad that I graduated from college?
Yeah I’m black and usually talk “that way”
But what really grinds your gears is that I can open my mouth and say
Words of the King’s English that you have to google
Parsimonious for example: just a fancy way of saying frugal
But in a way I can understand your agonizing
Being knocked out by an “inferior” being can be demoralizing.
See on your scales, I look like a welterweight to you
But the more you see me succeed, the more you’re black and blue
So I’ll just continue to give you hell on earth
Cuz I know seeing me do well hurts you the worst.



© 2012 ezspits.com

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