The Conversation Piece

How important is conversation…verbal and nonverbal? I wrote this almost 3 years ago and believe it is the reason why I love Elle Varner’s “Refill” so much. We are constantly judged on our speech and delivery both socially and intellectually. Great conversation has won more hearts than mom’s apple pie. Endulge…The Conversation Piece…

Out for the night looking for something new.
Saw a couple dimes; maybe one or two
I was standing at the bar
When I saw her from afar
Trying to keep my kool
But everybody plays the fool
I ask “How are you!”
She answers, and asks “how do you do?”
Her femininity is right on point…
Five-two, brown toned, thick one
I’ve met girls before that have caught my eye
But it’s something more to her than those sultry thighs.
I’m looking deeper still
In her eyes to figure out
What it is about this babe
That interests me inside and out…
She told me of her needs
I shared with her my wants
Never once did we conceive
An idle thought

We got to rappin, and what happened was a freaking of the minds…

One drink, two drinks; deeper in the conversation we fell
Seeing eye to eye, mind to mind an unsober lovespell
“This rounds on me and next on you”
We sipped away the time
Time stood still as we carressed each others’ mind
Happy hour went on for hours
We slipped into a daze
Engaging into wordplay 12 play a roaring fire ablaze
As I strip-teased her mind she strip-teased mine
Ideas, thoughts, and point of views trickled down her spine.
Subject and verb agree to disagree; makeup sex
Before either of us knew it, we were engaging in mindsex
I kissed her thoughts. It made her hot she went on to give me brain
Cerebral secretions of hers and mine
Before we knew it, a mental 69
Safe sex’s the best sex and we’re going raw
Thoughts so deep her medulla’s screaming Oh my God!
Mental voyuers surround us hoping that they’ll hear some
An onlooker bought the next round and now we’re in a threesome…

On two.ten.ten., ezspat!


2 thoughts on “The Conversation Piece

  1. B EZ! You are on to something. Very deep lyrics you have there…if only people would really take the time to have a “drink” before bed…..relationships would be so much better. Keep up the conversation pieces…good stuff!

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