Just Flows…

When we’re together it’s Florida hoops; heat & magic….so attracted
Hopeless romantics, all giggles and antics…
Sharing videos and photos and conversations with no doses…
Inexplicable like a rose through concrete growing it’s….
Against all odds and normalities
Amazing how time flies it’s aircraftsy
The passions & pleasures beyond measurability
Feelings fueled like octanities…
Gas me up Please…
Distant lovers brought together by perfect timing
Conversations led to Atlantic Station and now I’m rhyming
Knowing you since 3rd grade in my mind and…
I think you’d agree I can tell from the 1st time.
You swore that you were done with long distance and guys
Your heart was in hibernation til it saw a day thru a groundhog’s eye…out of hiding
Now we’re here breaking the rules giving one more chances
To both of us it’s weird given the circumstances…

On 1.6.12, ezspat!

© 2012 ezspits.com 

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