Basic Black

Facial features pronounced
Nose and lips thicker no doubt
From outside looking out
Proud wave patterns
Mimicking rings of Saturn
Knotted or napped tapered and lined
With precision seen peeking thru backwards caps
Locks on broad shoulders
Genetically engineered landing gear
Built tough brothers

Watch the way you enter the room
Watch the attention you consume
Watch the accomplishments you amass
Watch your past…
Watch your passion
Lest it burns too deeply
Too flashy
(Man He’s got flair)
Too bossy
(Love his assertive air)
Too aggressive
(Guy really rallies the troops!)
Too aloof
(Other side of the pillow cool)
Too content
(Team player definition)
(He got a nose for action)
Always out of position

For centuries, mesmerizing queens of color and those without any
The true root of envy
Seen dark and mysterious
Contemplating our thinking
Judging our eyes & expression
Painted “Angry Black man”
It’s mere deflection

Watch your mess; Watch your success

ezspitted 11.5.13
© 2013
Photo Credit: (Elaine Thompson / AP)

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