Relaxed Fit

The heart

Poorly dressed
It wears not the latest threads
It’s hair in dreads
It’s beard ungroomed…

The jeans it wears are torn
It’s bomber jacket worn
The kicks it rocks, recycled boots
Its favorite tee hangs a little loose
It’s favorite brim slightly sullied about the rim
It’s go to watch has seen better ticks


Comfortably, they fit when it gains a few pounds or lose
The leather distressed but full of character
Lasting seasons past and thereafter
The boots are vintage, they aren’t made the same anymore
That classic Tee breathable, flexible…
It conforms and relaxes to its core
That favorite hat…covering the bad hair days or when the top grows thin, added warmth and protection
Perfect time is still kept,
It’s lasted the best tocks.
It tells the stories, and still gets “nice watch!”

So, thanks showers…
We change only our draws and socks


© 2015


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