The Benefits (pt. II): Tunnel Visionary

Tunnel visionary
Easy going: Missionary
History revisionary
Contrarily and quite scarily
I’ve seen this before
Never before this blurry…

Looking backwards through the kaleidoscope is never as colorful
The dimensions never as bold
The aperture deadens the light source
A colorful sea of dreams undisclosed
Passionately believing things are better when unforced
Yet unforced errors are greatness’ Charlie horse
Repetitious stupidious: scientifically labeled
And what can’t be seen could quite possibly be the so close it’s on your table
But seldom pausing to see the reflection in the mirror is the pillar to the palace
Tunnel darkness leading to new malice
But never before seen

Contrarily and quite scarily,
The tunnel visionary,
Easy going, missionary,
Is stationary
Is it standing or sitting…or sinking?

“What am I doing here?”
Emphatically exclaimed cuz the brain
Lacks the brawn to turn the key that unlocks the faith that freedom is just ahead…
Instead making a bed to lay your head on the pillow of the cousin of dead.
Trying to stay afloat yet fighting the currents…
Current affairs,
Current despairs,
Current needed repairs,
Looking for the current stairs that stare you in the face
Searching for the elevator
Circling the current floor
Abhorring the current door
Before us is the chorus, refrain
Bliss is ignorance remixed, abstain
Too young to expect greatness?
Or an unhealthy obsession with lateness?

– ez

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© 2013

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