The Benefits [Part One]

The more I tell myself to leave, there’s another for me,
The more I cleave
It’s not that you don’t meet my needs,
It’s just…it’s just…
Please, don’t take this as a slight
I appreciate the heights I think perhaps its the countless long nights…
We’ve devoted so many years to each other
It’s hard for me to imagine another…Sometimes
Then you remind me how unattractive you can be
I mean, take away the Ds and well…
I mean even as inviting, rewarding, and enticing more time inside your walls can seem,
The false security,
The feeling you give me once a week,
You know, you make my head hurt thru Thursday
I’m starting to think its not worth it.
The work…that is
Addicted is not the word cuz I could quit you at any time
But why?
The fear that is…
The Benefits

On 3.12.13, ezspat!

© 2012

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