Did You Get My Letter?


I know you remember this heading. Before the heavy use of texts messages, emails, and other technological mediums of affection, the classic love letter was IT! Whether you wrote in class, after getting punished (no phone privileges), or just because, everybody who was a pre-millennium teenager broke out the pen and paper to tell him/her I love you from the heart. As a matter of fact, if we could just look back on ourselves then, we could probably enhance our current relationships. Back when a 3-6 month relationship seemed like forever…when talking on the phone could last for hours…”You hang up! No you hang up! On three hang up!”

Below is a link to a surfaced love letter from one of the greatest tough guys of our years Michael J. Jordan. The letter is to a high school love. See if it takes you back.


Clear here to read the letter!


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