“Dead Man’s Curve”

Ever said never and knew you didn’t mean it when it left your lips? It’s just the bitter cold of old… Sometimes what we want is dressed up like “what we need” and we can’t see so we bleed…

When all hope is gone…New hope is won
Never falling again is the claim from the lips of a heart of pain.
For a season or so, no stress or strain.
The sandbox is full and you count every grain
Love for yourself must be regained. Because broken a few moons ago was trust so from love now, you abstain.
A celibate heart you flaunt but a lust for love you still want.
A burning desire for love to open her legs so you could get a taste.
To see it purr, no fur just like you like it
Or if you could feel it in the right way again, you would invite it in
Slowly roll with the strokes til it called your name
Cuddle with it, take goofy pics and before you know it, you’re coming again.
But instead of Love it, FUCK IT!
You’d rather your heart remain virgin to love excursions
Than hit the road swerving…
Because the driver has lost control of the wheel
And can’t reproduce that feel he/she used to give
And now again you’re left alone to heal.

Just be real…


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