“Girl Of My Dreams”


Could you picture walking up to someone…
And taking her hand?
With the ocean in the background
And beneath you cool sand?
Never meeting her previously
However greeting so intimately…
Locking eyes so deep
You’d need a key just to blink…
Speaking no words
But saying so much…
Nothing sexual for the moment
Two souls receiving each’s touch
Caressing without undressing
Sex won’t quench this thirst
Two souls reincarnated as one

I stepped to her so smooth
I mean baby soft to the touch
Pampers for my game I needed
Every sweet nothing I whispered, she heeded
Game was more than game
I was going for the ring
I could do no wrong
at the moment it seemed.

The Sweetest scents bled
From her caramel complexion
My senses are inundated
But still I’m unfaded
Beauty this heavy
Should surely have me weak
But for this moment I’ve been waiting
Now firm are my feet
Planted like a mighty oak
I know we are meant
We’ll be together forever
Unchiselled cement

I know just what I’ll say
This moment is of the essence.
I’ve rehearsed for this day
Her presence is present.

Before I can part my lips
My alarm clock goes off…

I’ll get her next time
I think as I’m yawning.
And that’s is the reason
I hate Monday mornings..

On 5.19.10, ezspat!


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