Everybody’s been here before…

Love and relationships have been metaphorically compared to many things; roller coasters, a box of chocolates, etc. I think my favorite and most appropriate is seasons. Some months are warmer than others. Follow the equinoxes and solstices of this piece. Can you relate?

Arrows through the heart
However not of Cupid’s bow
Past pains remain
Vows to never let feelings show
Silent tears stream internal
Committed to never again feel the pain
Ships in the night pass
Over and over again

Rainbow’s glow after summer rain
Subconsciously, potential love feels the posthumous’ strain
Today’s dividends paying yesterdays taxes
Unconscious heartache prolonged like a second heart attack’s is.

Seasons change, people too
She’s outta season now…linen suit
T’was good for summers’ comfort
Like lime and ice cubes
But left me cold in winter
Gave me the fuckin flu
Fur coat love abandoned
In search of a log cabin
Warmed by the fire’s roar
Til new love is formed

The winter nights succumb
To the morning dew of spring
Baring the seasonal winds and rains
Will allow for a summer love again
Warmed by a different fire
Sweet heat and butterflies
Gazing into her eye
Losing track of time

Winter roars once more
But this snow’s not so cold
The love is a new spell
The feeling is of old
The arrow through the heart
Has never been removed
But again it is proved
Time heals all wounds

On, 7.30.10, ezspat!


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