“Lost & Found, Lost”

I often sit and wonder…
Ponder how to make you mine
How to make you smile a while
How to make me worth your time

Hmm…All women want the finest
Shoes, clothes, jewelry…all designer

If I buy you that dress and those heels will you be head over em in love?
If I took you on expensive dates to compensate for my mistakes or whatever I can pray from above?
If I buy you the car that you fantasize about, would you drive it over the bridge between our hearts and minimize the time we spend apart?
Cash, Check, or card; paper or plastic for your heart

The object of my affection has got me pressing over undertaking you as a part of me…my life’s blessing
I wanna reiterate that I’ll be right in back when you fall for love…and not right back or writin’ back…dear John your love
I want you to believe me when I say that…..Yeah! Lil John, my love

Trusting that thinking futuristically is my thing
Spending my time cuz I don’t have the means for bling
But with that being said, my time is my most prized possession
And I give it all to you but you’re still asking God for your blessing?
We spend life stressing cuz we judge blessings like presents…we devalue their presence until they’re claimed by someone else as precious

But I’ll pay it forward on Father Time
Cuz in due rhyme, I’ll make you mine.


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