“Kid Sister”

I wrote this for my little sister as she turned life’s pages…

In the footsteps of strong women, few wear the shoes…

Challenged by the new world’s impaired views: of a “strong black bitch”
You can do all things through Christ, but also shy from some through His strength
From beautiful examples of how to get it done you’ve descended
Inspired, undoubtedly by each one in her own way, you’ve ascended

Upon your arrival, love was unspared
Although disguised at times, it was always there
While I was learning myself, I was learning to be an example
I say this cuz I wasn’t always sure if the things I did sat well
So don’t judge our veins from the growing pains
But cherish the strains because in every loss there’s something to gain
Following in my footsteps and even outshining
There wasn’t a person in the world that could outsmile or outproud me
What you’ve done til today I couldn’t be more honored though sometimes little sister I know I acted like a father

Willed into the world by a half pint looking for a friend…
Ride bikes, cartoon, eat cereal but in the end…
Defend you from the bullies, the boys, and the men
Hoping you’d look to me as your big brother guardian
Praying you through the 1st quarter of life and you’ve made it a success
I wish I could tell you the next quarter is an open book test
But know through the game from the corner of your eye
There’s a big brother on your side on which you can always rely.



© 2012 ezspits.com 

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