“Beauty Is Pain”

Pretty faces
Thick in places
Small waists(es)
Hair from Asians

All the cuties have self-esteem issues
Pass the tissues
Thick red-bones, even tones, and dark ones
Take offense to the others’ beauty
The way her hair has a kink or two
Or the way the others’ butt is too huge
Undersized are her lips
Overflowing are her hips
Paper bag test failer
Wish she was just a Lil paler
Way too yellow for the back of the bus
Your great-granny slept with Massa
While mine helped keep the pasture
House v. Field yet all former slaves
Chapters later, we’re still on the same page?
Blood shed from strong women in pain
Are now tears from Heaven cuz her descendants are ashamed.
Your skin tells a story
A pen couldn’t translate
It had to be written from the heart
The conclusion is your fate
Bound together by time cover to cover
From skin to within, learn to love her



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