“Not My Best Friend”


A special Mother’s Day presentation to my mother…

Her body morphs from the very figure that’s the reason for your being into an incubation chamber and for 9 long months…morning sickness, appetite lost and found, and random tears and anger…

Hot chips, pickles, ice cream…until it all climaxes one day with a scream! How far apart are they?

You may say the birthing process was the easiest of the two.
Raising a kid like me couldn’t have been too hard
You’re from the old school.
“Don’t talk back!”
“Shut up! Grown folks talking!”
“Straighten your face! I mean it!”
“Where’s my belt?!”
I could go on and on
It seems like you were always screaming
Smart so all As you demanded.
“What’s this 94? A ‘B’?”
Back then I couldn’t stand it!
Reprimanded over and over sometimes for just being bored
But more often than not it was for neglecting my chores.
I’ve been making my bed since I was old enough to dream
Ironing everyone’s clothes before the irons had steam
Wash dishes and clean toilets all that girly stuff
What I know now is that stuff is tough
And never have visitors with your house in disfunction
Cuz you always made me vacuum before we had company
Now you didn’t cook that much
Only on Sundays
But we always had peanut butter, white bread and boloney
And we didn’t have everything, the designer shoes and jeans
But I’ll be damn if my Bugle Boys weren’t clean!
And nothing came easy we had to work
Now that’s the reason for the chip on my shoulder and the horse on my shirt.
You showed me how to stretch a dime thinner than a dollar
And every time I’m fly, I blame it on my Moma.
You’re not my best friend
Cuz that was never your intent
You were raising a son
You had to be strict
Now the boy that you birthed back in the mid 80s
Is now a man with two degrees and zero babies.
And I may go many places
Maybe even more than you
But I’ll never forget all that you’ve been through
Ma, I love you!

© 2012 ezspits.com 

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