Dopeness and depth of Lauryn
Soulful seductiveness of Jill
You’re king but I too run things; Beyonce
Innocent temperament like the wife of Will
The take me as am type, “Im cool. Are you?” Badu
Fame first found as Yvette still relevant, still person of interest
Could spark more light to your own song than you sung Ms. Houston
Extension of the past, second generation queen the wide-eyed Girlfriend, you Joan.
Everyday picture perfect flawlessness 80s style Claire
A decade removed from Thelma’s flare

Good times shared through those who from next to nothing spared
Those who brought us; the sick and tired
Fannie and Madam Millionaire.
Pioneering spirits…
Ella, Eartha, Ruby, and Lena
To Diana, Patty, Aretha, Tina…coiners of ‘diva’
Great actresses and singers
Thru shutouts, sit-ins and assassinations to free us
Coretta, Merlie, Betty; stand by my man type believers…the strongest sisters!
Now add to the list today’s image of that
The 1st Lady to grace the White House that ‘ain’t getting her hair wet!’
Perhaps the voice of our time still rises, empowers and soothes
The reason the caged bird sings
Wordsmith patented Maya Angelou
Inn slaves but not enslaved,
Ms. Harriet saved thousands and swears she could have saved that times 2 if they knew Sojourner’s truth.

We all give great praise and celebrate these
Take a minute to thank the one’s that spent endless nights on their knees
Collard green, cornbread, sweetest tea ever makers
Homemaker, cake baker, quilt maker, in her day heart breaker, Lawd them sweet potatoes!
Long day, find your own dinner, thinner than a dollar dime stretching, bread winner…
Homework checker, post parent teacher conference wrecker, cordless phone user turn texter
“Boo! Who gone check her?!”
Protect her.
Above all, much respect and Love…

On 11 de enero, ez spat!

→ If you enjoyed “She-Ro”, try “Beauty Is Pain.

© 2012

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