Mae’s Son, Dick’s Son

The stresses of today’s successes are indirect reflexes of yesterday’s excesses.
The pressures of collections of Rolexes & Lexuses become our kids’ complexes
Unexpected? Ponder while I digresses…


Painted floral are the glasses we are encouraged to gaze through.
Glaze over the facts that face us and contend the sky’s always blue…
Dick’s son,
Young white male makes low scores, scores more whores, smokes more dope than most…
A bad boy… he’s expected to do so until he’s 18 or so.
Graduates and leaves for a degree program no matter his SAT score.
Still, in college, not that impressive but in contrast his dad’s pockets and tax bracket.
Afforded a degree with no greater than a C in his classes…
Great job lined up at his uncle’s practice.
Now focused and on the right track, he’s finally handling his.
And he’s got a beautiful wife and they’re planning on 2 kids.
Grass can’t be much greener nor his lemonade much sweeter

See Dick’s son was “Just being a kid. However, on the other side of the city “Young thug’s delinquent!”

Mae’s son had good grades, very respectful, never in trouble but nobody notices his growing struggle
He squints and his mom can’t afford him new glasses…in classes it starts to show.
His ass is not passin…
It’s not long after his work suffers, the work’s tougher, the streets is rougher
The college degree which he dreamed of is now a GED if he leaves some things be, but
Streets make him feel immortal cuz he’s making dough.
More dough, more hoes but abandoned are his morals
Grew up with both parents but too demanding were their schedules
And he’s out the game now but all that potential is washing windows
The corner office he too now cleans is now the irony of his American dream.
Now his two kids grow up in different homes with smaller means.
And they too need glasses and history repeats
All the potential in the world stymied by a fuzzy screen.
Different realities emerged from the same dream.
They’re both making it now so it seems,
But one was a victim of what the world sees.

Sometimes a better set of eyes is all we need.

On, ezspat!

© 2012

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