Dark Shades and Cognac

In life, emotions are inevitable. Sometimes the more we ignore them, the deeper they sink. We all deal with them differently as well. Generally, people take a break from society, but some choose otherwise…how do you?


Some wish for rain
Liquid pain camouflage
Tears of a clown
Frown stained smile…
Tinted emotions
Silent shattered commotion
Choose of your choice a mask
I’ll choose dark shades and cognac.

In the wells of my eyes
Hide the emotions of my soul
Cognac got em low
Dark shades make sure they don’t show
Polo locs; limo tinted
Double cup; cognac scented
You may chose to hide in the back
I’ll stand out front with dark shades and cognac

When I close my eyes
I know exactly what I want
It’s only when I open them to reality
Do I lose my focal point
So to mimic closed eyes implied
I double up….yak on ice
Cold inside, fireside
By my side, suicide…

In January 2011, ezspat…

© 2012 ezspits.com

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