Slum Villages

Returning to tribalness we experienced before our pilgrimage,
But positivity is the difference.
The same villages that raised our kids are now monuments of iniquities.
Is it weird that my people’s power is relinquishing?
Gun violence is single-handedly destroying life expectancy.
Early twenties: long enough to sow seeds; multiple parency.
Swisha sticks and Uzi clips longer than our very existence?
Are you serious? Is this the best we is?

Where the parents is?
Streets to the rescue; nobody raising em.
Dope money buy the food and pays the rent.
EBT cards and Section 8 apartments…
The once presence of family is now misguided security.
Secondly, our spirit of entrepreneurship is perverted unconsciously.
The great business mind can only sell drugs illegally.
Buys two chains, the feeling of invincibility…
Street King until the Feds take everything.

The former tears of grandmama ‘nem are repeating
What a coincidence?
Formerly representative of pain and struggling.
Trying to get ahead cuz they were oppressed heavily.
Ironically, freer than ever yet possessed conceptually.
Whips and chains are now whips and chains.
Dying to be rich…don’t get me twisted
I like nice things but they’re not worth the living.

It takes a village to raise a child, enslave a child…
The villagers are pillagers.
An undying desire to keep it all in the bucket
Crab life they fucks wit
Be the one that fucks up it
Step up and uncuff it…

On 8.21.12, ezspat…

© 2012

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