I woke up early to sort out my trust issues.
I turned back over and told them “I can’t fix you”
I tossed again and rethought my position
Then laid there thinking….

I’ve trusted before and in hindsight, I wish I didn’t.
No one guards your heart or cares if it pumps or bleeds,
Aches, flutters, or palpitates
Loves, thirsts, angers, or hates…
Yearns, longs, atriates, or venticlates
Give it to someone who could give one aorta?…
Not even slightly, kinda sorta?

Trust issues run deeper than San Andreas…but my fault it’s not
Love potential scarred like the soft tissue lining my heart
Bypass surgery to get past…but no urgency
A long list of donors but no conformity
My heart is on dialysis; there’s no flow out
On second glance…there’s no inflow to speak about
Where there’s no salt, no savor.
Heart well done; no pink, no flavor

T.o R.eally U.nderstand S.omeone T.otally

On 1.5.12, ezspat!

© 2012 ezspits.com

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