Will a kiss ever be kissed again?
Will eyes ever look deep within?
When I roll over will my pillow ever speak again?
Will sunshine through the blinds remind me of times when again,
When again on a Saturday morning never felt like sin?
When out for dinner and a movie led to the skins again…
And the skins end up on the floor again?

Will again come around for the first time?
Only time knows but keeps it secrets til when
Old times tick on a new clock.
I’ll keep track on my watch until then.
Will that warm inside feeling ever keep me warm again or begin?
Again I ask, do new flames spark on a cold shoulder?
Over when is the cycle of women
To when I am proved right but wrong again?

Can we pretend this never began?
Can more than friends ever be just friends again?
Can less than friends make it to the end?
Or in the end, whether we’re friends is where it all begins…
Or ends?
Will the end of a new beginning ever happen?
Is this the end of the end or…
Is the end a new beginning?

On one.thirteen.eleven, ezspat!

© 2012 ezspits.com

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