Typical R&B

It’s hard to comprehend…put my finger on…
Someone so real, remarkable, fresh air so breathtaking
Make me put aside all selfishness, pride, and boasts…
You da troof though…

Adds to my blessings, subtracts from my fears, multiplies my hopes, divides my tears…
When I grow, you’re the catalyst.
My faith exponentializes.
My fears are minimized and when I hurt you share the cries, so…
Its hard to comprehend, but in the end…you da troof though

Bottled up by my past with genie like tendencies.
The way you rub me emotionally, intellectually, and physically!
I grant you three wishes with love, love, and mo love
I know sometimes it’s rough but in your soul
I know you know I’m da troof sooo…

Say you won’t leave like typical R&B
I’m by your side cuz I need you and hope I’m what you’re looking fo’
Let’s just ride this Space Mountain; flashing lights, dark and exciting
Sunroof tilted, dark shades, smooth music, petal to the flo’
I want you shotgun.
You da troof yo.

On ten.three.twelve, ezspat…

© 2012 ezspits.com

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