Word Wed.: Mo’ Fire EZ Edition

It’s your turn…

Just in time to welcome the cooler weather, below are excerpts from a few never before shared pieces. Which would you like to hear more of? I’m listening.

Lovers Flu

Seeing her makes me sick in the best way.
Seeing her leave hurts, but love watching her walk away.
Start sweating from fever
My temperature rises when I see her.
Head aches too but only from my zipper
The rumblings are merely butterflies
Sounds like the flu but I’m still flying…


A woman with enough beauty for a deaf man and enough substance for a blind man. #senselessbeauty is what I call it.

Fake hair. Fake nails. Fake boobs. Fake ass. Fake personality. Fake happiness. Love you for you? I sense less beauty…



..If it must rain, let it be the kind of summer when the heavens quench the thirst of the Earth…Light showers while the sun yet shines…followed by a rainbow to repaint the black and white sky like the tvs of old…

P. A. S. T. (Posthumous Aggression Stalling Tomorrow)

No longer will yesterday’s forecast determine my attire.
Dressing for stressing and suppressing my desire
A burning yearning thats ignited by you
This cabana sunshine’s no place for rain boots…

The Kummute

Good morning love.
Sunlight thru the window Saturday speaks
A kiss on the cheek..
Your lips, A smile graces.
Tickling you and undercover embraces
Return the favor with a wet one on my face.
The complex stresses of the week yield to the simple pleasures of the moment
Morning dew…finger tips on your stomach…


4 thoughts on “Word Wed.: Mo’ Fire EZ Edition

  1. I am interested to see what Senseless Beauty encapsulates. It seems as if it is a play on words as well as a description of what women think they need to make themselves appear beautiful. I think you will do an excellent job of delivering facts, your point of view, and making both interesting & engaging. Can’t wait to read the rest!

  2. To be honest, they all left me wanting more, but I chose the Kummute. I relate to the fun flirtiness of the weekend taking the role of Calgon…erasing the stresses of the week. How much more kind and giving it is can be as opposed to the demanding days before.#beautifulsimplicity#

  3. Sooo. I had to vote twice…Lemonade captured me as well. I happen to be a fan of that magical moment when the colours of the prism appear in light rain and sunshine. #magicalclash#

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