New Niggas


Nigga is a term used in Black English Vernacular that began as an eye dialect form of the word nigger (a word   originated as a term used in a neutral context to refer to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger, meaning the color “black”)

Far from the shackles, beatings, mistreatings…
Far from the segregated schools, pools, barstools, and rules…
Far from the front porch, screen doors, big mommas kitchen floor, no more
Say no more!
We chillin now…
We got it all.
New niggas…
Niggas that proclaim “Things ain’t the same!”
In the days that racism doesn’t “exist”
Life full of whipped cream and peaches
I mean we topping all the lists:
Musical hits even president
Freedom of life in abundance.
With iPads, iPhones, iPods, still no iMessage
Any and everything at our disposal,
Leaving food on the dishes.
Cuz now, even my uncle’s rich.
Me and his two kids don’t want for shit.
After this prep school education, I’m headed to Ole Miss.
I’ll probably be over student government
And end up voting Republican
We’ll scream Freedom of Speech until our funeral is preached,
And voter reform is reached cuz I mean who doesn’t have ID?

Or quickly dismissive of uncouth characteristics cuz “we getting money bitch”

New niggas all about they figures…
Niggas living for shameful fame
Binge drinking to mask the pain
Turning up again and again
Reckless sex with “what’s er name”
A chart topping bottle & pussy popping, glock cocking macrocosm
Deception is reality
Our voices once with deep meaning turned to perverted screaming
Throw us a couple bucks to do it on a TV screen
And we call it reaching our dreams.
Valuing life and success on material things
Motto of YOLO; living and dying…
At the same damn time.
A past full of standups laid down their lives for a future full of sideliners.
No playing time. No headliners.

Thank God we’ve overcome
These days that bond is not as strong.
The kool-aid is not as sweet.
Oh the apathy!
Our brothers we no longer keep.
Them niggas ain’t from my street.
His shoes don’t fit my feet.
And in this new segregation, defeat.
We beat.
Fighting for the ball; same team.
New niggas please believe:
The old niggas that made us free,
We owe this piece at least:
Remember Big Mommas birth certificate was the family Bible.
Remember when you become an American Idol,
Your voice can’t sit idle
Pray that I do
To get ID you need…ID.
And most fires are smokescreens
When you make it for yourself,
Your voice is for the few that can’t speak.
Remember the shackles, beatings, mistreatings…
Remember the segregated schools, pools, barstools, and rules…
Remember the front porch, screen doors, big mommas kitchen floor,
say more…

On eleven.twelve.twelve., ezspat!

© 2012

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