Destroying the heartache of old…Past pains strain present happiness’ reign…

If it must rain, let it be the kind of summer…when the heavens quench the thirst of the Earth…Light showers while the sun yet shines…followed by a rainbow to repaint the black and white skies like the tvs of old.

If I must see darkness, let it be with the one who’ll help me count the stars. Name the brightest after her and lay the rest at her feet. Above the clouds we’ll stay so even on an overcast night, I’ll know where they are.

If the winds must blow, let them be the calming breeze of March…the type that pollinate the beautiful flowers to bloom and not those with impeding doom. But even then, let our love be sequoia-like with deep roots…

If the ice and cold must come, let it not be in our hearts…but in our cups of joy, health, and prosperity as we toast to the Most High for the seasonal trials that we, with His power, are able to overcome.

On one-thirteen-twelve, ezspat…

© 2012 ezspits.com

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