The Commute

Good morning love…


Sunlight thru the window; Saturday speaks.
A kiss on the cheek
Your lips, a smile graces.
Tickling you and undercover embraces
Return the favor with a wet one on my face, love.
The complex stresses of the week yield to the simple pleasures of the moment.
Morning dew, finger tips on your stomach.
No tv. No music. The sparrows’ songs supply the soundtrack.
Breakfast in bed while you lay on your back
French…….toast, butter soft……pancakes & sweet juices…..
Your choice of whipped topping whatever you choose, it’s just
I salivate over the menu as I serve you.
Back for 2nds…clean my plate
Shine your dishes…
You’re late! Glad you could make it.😉
Gluttonous behavior but far from hell’s kitchen
You say you know I just ate but it’s time for nutrition
‘I ate but you’re full’ sounds like a contradiction.
Now fix me some toast, grits, eggs, and bacon
Breakfast twice in one morning like vacation.
Both yummy. Worth the wait.
Thanks for coming.

On two.eight.twelve, ezspat! *burp

© 2012

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