City That Never Sleeps

Snooze button abuse…
The day awaits
Dreamed yesterday but comatose security says stay
Last night preached to myself the truth and anybody else that’d hear my drunken prophetics
“Listen to self; They’ll use you and leave you like leased prosthetics”
Legs strong enough to run on yet too weak to leave
Mind telling you you’ll choke breath yelling “Im all you need”
The paralysis of over analysis…

Speak existence.
Words, like spades, stick
Holding a joker yet pessimistic
History says the big one dressed in black will trump it
But there’s a chance it’s your trumpet…
Frienemies with the unknown
Bastard hopes birthed by celibate dreams
Conceived through intellectual intercourse

Divorced without prenups.
Before, dark shades just looked cool.
Ironically the tinted frames shined light; took me to school
Hidden deep inside…the gifts wrapped in newspaper, not even the comics…
Swaddled talents in the state/metro section where the obituaries are published
So gloomy we don’t even turn that page
Playing in the dark, yet afraid
Perhaps of mistakes but probably of being great…

rapid ‘I’ movement

It’s 2013…ez still spittin!

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