No longer will yesterday’s forecast determine my attire.
Dressing for stressing and suppressing my desire
A burning yearning thats ignited by you
This cabana sunshine’s no place for rain boots.
No longer will taste aversions of love linger on my palette
And gone forever are the days that I let
This gentle breeze be mistaken for a cold front
Or this sweet heat be misrepresented as dog days of summer
No longer will I fight the voice of my convictions that whisper so
gentle ‘she’s special’ and confirms my predictions
…and tell me keep fighting cuz you might be the woman from in my visions

The one that denies love desires love.
Ignores that it’s there or cares only when it’s
shared or returned
But giving it away is hard when you’ve been burned
The one that inspires love requires love
The twists and turns of destination realization result in the contemplation:
Manipulation or manifestation?

Don’t hang on to the PAST.

Posthumous Aggression Stalling Tomorrow…

On Feb.10.twelve, ezspat!

© 2012 ezspits.com

3 thoughts on “P.A.S.T.

  1. Reblogged this on The Genius Way and commented:
    Being at the center of politics, a stress free environment is desired but stalling in the abyss. Lately, I’ve come across ways of taking control of my life by coming at peace with one’s purpose, what others sometimes see as a false perception of reality ….and it starts here….

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