MJ – Happy 50th & Thanks

As kids in the 90s, I will speak for you, we were Michael Jordan ‘Stans’. From the mesmerizing display of awesomeness on the court to sneakers to Gatorade to the ‘Nothing But Net Commercials’ to ‘Like Mike’, if you weren’t an MJ fan, you were likely in the minority.

For the unfamiliar:

MJ’s Career Highlights

Why is this Feel Good Friday? Michael Jordan, the best player if the history of the NBA (don’t debate me on this, not today) WAS CUT FROM HIS HIGH SCHOOL TEAM!

In his NBA Hall of Fame Enshrinement speech, he speaks on all the motivating factors in his life. We know him as arguably the most competitive figure in sports history and one of the most competitive we have ever seen in our lifetime at anything. We also, know him as one of the most marketable entities in the world!

MJ’s NBA Hall of Fame Speech

There are two roads to travel when we are dealt a crushing blow.
We simply can’t listen to those who tell us ‘NO’.
Cry and cuss, but in private; never let it show
For being cut down is the surest way to grow.

Well, time flies and this Sunday is MJ’s 50th birthday. Happy Birthday to the Greatest of All Time!

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