Chicken & Religion

My people…We love our chicken and religion. We gone start the week off where? The House of prayer…and after that, we gone eat some chicken.

Dropped off by Moma while she went about her business or having a good timeWe didn’t mind
Pulled out every toy we could find
Did everything we couldn’t imagine getting away with at home
But my chicken and religion had a special way of leaving us alone
Let us roam the back yard, the side room, make tents out of sheets,
Watched us through the screen door while we climbed that big Magnolia tree out front
Eat candy and have a pop with lunch.
Television limited but irrelevant.
Imagination productions; power ranging, ninja turtling, California dreaming
If a storm brewed, “shhh! Sit still while God’s moving!” my chicken and religion would say
Close your mouth while chewing
Juicy fruit by the pack in the top drawer get you and your sister a few and…
“I’m making breakfast some eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits, salmon croquettes, ham, hash,” and then actually prepare all that!

Jesus loves me.
My chicken and religion told
Held us close.
The 1st view of God
Half a century on her resume or more
More less the lesson learned more so
Wisdom true, tell you no wrong.
Strong cuz grandpa either gone or in his day a son-of-a-gun!
Strong enough to raise us but built to praise us.
True love unconditionally.
Never believed the dirt they told on me
Always quick to defend,
Trying to save from devilment or its ensuing punishment.
Her prayers got us through more than we’ll ever know.
My God, when I think of who helped deliver my soul
He made grandmothers for a few things see….
But more specifically
A good hymn, quoted scripture, and a chicken that’s always crispy.
Thinking over life, the best moments, the highs
Elated and couldnt wait to brag on all As or in adult life,
With tears of joy we thank God for that promotion,
Reach out to hear that voice that always says “baby” and “I love you so”
With a couple of sides and the sweetest tea…a roll
No a biscuit with a little jelly Welch’s grape and Strawberry drink
Forever she’ll be my chicken and religion.
Take it all, just don’t take my chicken and religion

My people love our chicken and religion.
© 2012

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