Character Flaw

Kool Kid Blues
Standing alone even in a group
The outsider of the in crowd
The quiet shouter…
Statement makers seldom speak loud
Secretly envied possibly
But why?…can’t understand. Humbly,
Accepts praise and takes it in stride modestly.
Mostly outstanding but standoffish a bit
Genuinely the Good Guy
The “Misunderstood at times” shoe fits

Mean streak with a kool demeanor
Plays the solo when he duet…
Marches to a different drum but won’t blow his own trumpet
Kool until awards day
All A’s with perfect attendance
Blue ribbons from a blue collar background
Last word speller in the spelling bee’s last round
Not the best hooper but never last picked
Not the fastest runner but had a nice kick
Chicks didn’t always go crazy but labeled him cute
The kind of guy they shoulda dated
But didn’t realize til after baby number two
Sprouted up, filled out, grew into his ears
Does nice for himself; respected by his peers
On his own shit, got plans due by 30 years
Shine in his time at the table with kool kids.

Spit date: 11-12-12
© 2012

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